Planning a big event can be a bit of a stressful time! There is so much to try and plan and countless suppliers to deal with. Obviously, budget is usually an important factor in booking the professionals for your event or party. Weddings, in particular can be a minefield when it comes to knowing who to book! Caterers, florists, cake makers, toastmasters, photographers; the list seems endless.

Music is a special part of any event. We, as entertainers are there to set the atmosphere and create lasting happy memories for you and your guests. We also know that the choice is vast when it comes to party bands in the East Anglian area. The music scene here in Norwich is vibrant with an eclectic mix of bands available for your wedding or party. We understand that when booking you have enough to consider without having to wait on replies about costings.

We have therefore decided to go completely transparent with our pricing structure. The prices are now available on the website with a guide as to what you get with each package.  

We really hope this will help clients with making a choice without having to wade through loads of emails just to get a quote. We are always happy to tweak things for you and I will always be available to chat through your special day!

Have a look around our site and do get in touch with any questions you may have!

Happy planning!


Claire x