In the last few years there seem to have been a number of studies carried out on the benefits of singing. From brain development to anti-depressant qualities the benefits are large and varied!

One Voice Glee Club

I have recently started a new project called ONE VOICE GLEE CLUB. This started out as a kids club where children come and sing their socks off for an hour a week. They are growing every week in confidence and self esteem and it really is a joy to behold! I am now branching this out to adults groups too and am taking names on a starters list! You can put your name down for singing fun on the One Voice website.

You can see more about what we are up to on our new website and there is a contact form there if you or your child would like to sign up. It really is great fun and there is no pressure to be the next Aretha Franklin or Ed Sheeran! A smile and some enthusiasm is all that is required!

You can find dates on performances on the website too and some amazing pictures taken by our very own Josie Tate at Love Tate Photography.

Here’s the link – give us a click! www.onevoicegleeclub.co.uk

Take care, Claire x