Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks you will have read about the very upsetting news that The Brickmakers may have to close due to unaffordable rent hikes. There have been many newspaper articles, radio interviews and fundraising ideas to try and save the Brickies. The petition to save it has thousands of votes but the bottom line is they need to be pulling more money in each month for the place to be sustainable.

Pam, Charley and Em have all taken pay cuts and have done as much as they can in order to keep going but it hasn’t been enough. I just wanted to explain to those that have never been into the Brickies just what you are missing!

Everywhere you look The Brickmakers has a bit of a reputation for being a rockers place and not without reason! The bones behind the place seem to lie in the rock music that it has housed for many years (and it is awesome by the way!) but there is so much more than this on a weekly basis!

You will find Open mic nights where you can book your slot and get up and show what you can do! People knocking out awesome acoustic guitar or plating the Brickies own baby grand. On Wednesday you can pop in and play board games, pool and ping pong for free! Retro or what? Good excuse to put your phone down and kick it old skool for the evening! Or come into B2 and sing with One Voice (the adults pop choir I run) and enjoy the power of 30 plus voices in harmony! The weekends bring such a variety of music it is hard to guess what you will see. From the regions best wedding and party bands to rock and disco! Of course Sunday brings us the big band sounds of The Lee Vasey Band who play a massive range of music on a Sunday. They mix it up with a back catalogue large enough to play for days without a break!

I guess what I am trying to say is that people shouldn’t feel intimidated by the rock reputation of the place. Someone the other day told me she was too scared to go in. You will find rockers in there for sure (and they are all super friendly by the way!) and on a different evening the mix of people will be highly different! Give the place a try! You won’t find a friendlier bunch of people!

The Claire Barker Band are back there on 23rd November and we will be looking for a proper party that night! Please get out and support these places while you can. Sure, you can stay home with a 6 pack of lager and watch TV or YouTube all evening but losing places like this impacts so heavily on the whole Norwich music scene which has always been one to be proud of.

Pam, Charley and Em have worked their socks off to promote bands, help musicians along their way (myself included) encourage youngsters to get out and gig in a safe environment and make the venue as safe and welcoming as they can. These women are amazing and the whole team there deserve our thanks and support!

It is so much more than a pub. It is a local institution and we must not go down without a fight!

Claire x